Aug 22, 2013

Mom, Can You....?

Homework is finished and chores are complete.  Now what?  My goofy kid is at it again, that's what.  I can never get tired of Landon's wacky sense of humor and silly faces.  Every now and then he will impress me with his desire to pose for the camera.  It typically starts with, "Mom, check this out", or "Mom, can you take a picture of this"?  But, they're not like any "normal" photograph that may come to mind, no sir.  They usually include photo bombing style poses.  Lately, he has been putting his butt in front of the camera.  Yeah, like I'm going to take a picture of THAT?  Crazy kid.  I have to draw the line somewhere.  Sometimes, I'll get lucky and the poses won't be as bad - pretty subtle, really.

My camera was in the shop being worked on for over two months.  I was excited about getting it back in my hands, so I snapped a few pictures to test it.  I missed my baby terribly.  Landon just happened to be the wild, fast-moving subject this time.  They turned out to be some pretty cute photos!

I promise my kid's teeth aren't yellow, just lighting and shadowing.

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