Aug 12, 2013

Happy 4th Birthday, To My Sweet Boy Liam

It doesn't seem that long ago that I was sitting in a hospital bed waiting for my labs to be drawn and the anesthesiologist to arrive.  I will never forget the experience of being just minutes away from having to deliver natural because of how fast Liam's labor and delivery was.  The thought of that pain was terrifying.  My gut told me to hold on tight, and it will all be over soon enough.  When I arrived at the hospital I was 7 cm dilated.  The nurse kept telling me over and over again that I should throw out the idea of an epidural because I was progressing too quickly.   It wasn't too long after my arrival, a few little pushes to be exact, that I found a beautiful baby boy in my arms.  He was, and still is, perfect.  It's hard to imagine going back to the day he was born and doing it all over again, but I would.  Even through all the pain I endured that day, I totally would.  I miss that sweet, little, scrunchy faced newborn looking up at me for the first time.  He reminded me so much of baby Benjamin Button, only much cuter. 

We've had a few struggles with our little guy over the last few years, but I have learned that it has only made us stronger as a family.  Liam is doing fine.  Scratch that, he's doing great!  He will be starting his second year of pre-school this year, and we're excited to see how much he will change. 

Happy Birthday, baby boy!

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At the age of four he likes/loves:
He loves to tease and play.
He is still obsessed with water and the outdoors.
He loves story time.
He loves sleeping with his babies (a lego, a ball, a stuffed animal, doesn't matter).
He likes a light on when he sleeps.
He loves to snuggle.
He loves music or anything eye-catching.
He loves his family.
He loves to learn new things.
He loves school and his teachers.
He loves chalk and bubbles.
He loves books.
He loves hanging out with his brother (wrestling, watching movies, etc.)
He loves to climb and ride his ride-on toys.
He loves to swim and put his head under the water.
He loves to imitate others (sounds, words, and actions).
He loves planes and helicopters.
He loves one-on-one time.
He loves to draw, color, and write.
He loves to make faces.
He loves to be tickled, thrown on the bed, and jump on the bed.
He loves to spin and ride amusement park rides.
He loves to make messes.
He loves it when we kiss his boo-boos.
He loves making funny noises to make us smile.
He loves hugs and piggy-back rides.
He loves to be held, especially when sick or extremely tired.
He loves to be sung to, and he loves to sing.
He loves bike and stroller rides.
He loves to explore.
He loves hot dogs and chicken nuggets/tenders (with ranch, of course)
He loves animals.
He loves his freedom.

Things that he is working on:
He is trying to put two or three words together.  So far, he is up to about 60+ words.  He's behind, but getting there.  If he can't communicate the word verbally, he will sign it.
He is attempting to communicate his potty needs now.
He is developing more of an independent personality - he wants to do things on his own or help others.
Picking up his messes.
Writing his name.

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