Aug 7, 2013

First Day Of School

I must say, this first-day-of-school business is getting easier with each passing day.  Maybe it's that I fully trust the teachers to care for my kids as I would, or I trust that my kids will do better without me having all the necessary tools in place for success.  Or, perhaps those breaks at home alone could be doing the trick, too.  Maybe it's a combination.  The first day of pre-school last year was tough for me because Liam was my side kick for a long time while Landon was going to school.  There is something very emotional about the second one leaving the nest, so to speak.  It really does make it official that your babies are growing up.  I am actually very antsy about Liam starting school.  Yes, those breaks are nice, but I am probably more excited to see how much progress he will make over the coming months with the help of the therapists and his teacher.   Good luck, Fellas.  Mom and Dad love you very much and know you will do well!

 Landon's first day was August 1st.

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Liam's first day was August 5th.

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