Aug 22, 2013

Double the Bubbles

A family member e-mailed me to ask what Liam wanted for his birthday.  He is pretty easy when it comes to answering those sometimes difficult questions.  Well, at least for his birthday since it's in the summer.  Anything water related, bubbles, and balloons.  There ya have it.  The balloons were easy because we already had those from planning his birthday.  I suggested they get a bubble machine, because not only does he LOVE bubbles, but it's a fun way to chase and pop them.  Truthfully, it was nice for us as well because we let the machine do all the work while we sit close and watched him have tons of fun.  I've never loved a bubble machine so much!

We ran into the problem of duplicating gifts for Liam's birthday - the bubble machine.  A friend of mine had no idea that anyone else would buy him the same thing, and I hadn't talked to her about what Liam would like to have.  In fact, I hadn't spoken to her in quite awhile.  I guess she just knows us pretty well.  Now we have two, which means double the bubbles and double the fun.  I didn't have the heart to return either one of them because of the time and effort one puts into buying gifts for a birthday.   And, Liam's happy, which makes me happy. 

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

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