Aug 28, 2013

Cooperation At Its Finest

I never get a "great" photo of my kids when I want.  Every now and then they will grace me with a cute smile, or at the very least, a tiny smirk.  It's heavenly when this happens, but even more so when I get a full-on twenty-something pictures that I can be proud of.  For the most part, I let my kids be themselves.  Smiles or no smiles.  Cries or no cries.  This is how they need to be remembered when I take a look back years later.  It's part of who they are, and where they were at these stages in life.  So, I try not to push them too much.  And, being the spawn of a photographer, they are pretty much burned out.  They hear the click of the shutter and they run.  But, darn it, I do love a good impromptu shoot with my kiddos every once in awhile.  Well, it happened.  I couldn't be happier.  In fact, these just may be wall worthy (if I can ever get around to printing them).  My husband is still scratching his head trying to figure out how I ge t them to cooperate long enough to capture these adorable moments.  Let's just say it's a lot of luck, with a little sweat thrown in.

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This pose was Landon's idea.  He must have been born in the 80's wanting to do the infamous, cheesy "back-to-back".  Believe it or not, people actually like this pose.  Simple, maybe?

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