Aug 29, 2013

Bye Bye Summer

When August ends, that's the end of summer for me, and maybe even for others.  We may get a little bit more of the warm weather, but it's just not the same when we hit a fall month like September.  Summer is gone.  I am looking forward to cooler weather now.  The kids have had a great summer playing outside and doing fun things as a family.  We're ready.  The kids were able to run free and play some sports with Dad before August comes to a close.  I love sitting back and watching them.  They love and idolize their Dad so much, and each other.  Liam is repeating everything and following Landon around like a little puppy dog.  I love it (not sure about Landon).

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Liam sneaking off to poop in his pull-up.  *sigh*  Potty-training is NOT going well, even at the age of four.  When I realized that Liam is delayed in a few areas (some more severe than others), I didn't expect this milestone to be one of our issues.  Boy was I wrong. 


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