Aug 21, 2013

Being Together

Liam is now coming along on speech, which helps connect with others, including our dog.  He talks to his puppy from time to time and pays more attention to Peyton.  Liam addresses our dog as Peyton now instead of dog or puppy, and it's nice to hear.  When Landon hears Liam say something, he gets excited and usually is followed by, "Awe, that was so cute".  Liam is now known as Pete and Repeat around our house, and something we have to get used to.  Sometimes we forget that he's catching on and need to watch what we say.  The boys are bonding a little more with each passing day.  I'm sure age plays into it quite a bit, but I think it's because Liam is able to communicate a little better.

Landon is a real nut ball these days.  I guess he's always been clever and goofy, but these bike tricks cracked me up.

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Something that Liam was never into when he was younger - hands to mouth.  Now?  No problem.  Concrete never tasted so good.  But, it's more like face to object.  "Look Mom, no hands"!

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