Jul 10, 2013

When Visitors Come To Visit

I was pumped to hear that my sister was planning a trip to Indiana.  It was only a few months ago that we were invading her space in South Carolina, but it seemed like forever since I had seen her.  She doesn't travel much because she has MS.  I think the last time she was in town was for her birthday three years ago, thanks to our older sister for making the arrangements for her to do so. 

We had so much fun!  This was the first time she stayed with all of her sisters while in town.  Normally she would pick one or two of us to shack up with and then go home.  She was one busy girl, that's for sure.  While staying with me, we made plans to go to our Aunt Sharon's house for a swim party (and catch up with other family members).  As soon as "swim" hit my kids' ears, I knew it was all over.  There was no backing out of this one. 

Landon and Kati played a little baseball out in the street, board games, and a few Wii games.  Lucky for Landon, Kati is a little bit of a tom boy and enjoys the same things he does.  When we were in SC, Kati and Landon were like the best of friends.  They only "bugged" each other when one would get tired, which wasn't too terribly often, thank God.  They connected better than I thought they would.  So, when Landon heard that Kati was going to be his roommate for a couple of days he couldn't have been happier. 

Liam was able to utilize his arm floaties for the first time this year.  We kept it simple when it came to safety devices because we wanted Liam to be able to move around a little easier in the water.   Those puffy style body floats remind me of  Randy from "A Christmas Story", only the water version.  The floaties are kind of annoying too, though.  You have to get the floaties wet before they will slide on, but sometimes they don't as easily as one might think.  The good news is that they don't come off as easily either, so that makes me feel a ton better.  After a few minutes of pushing and tugging Liam was off swimming like a champ.  My sister was holding him in the water and let go to see what he would do.  This kid is a natural!  He floated and swam from the middle of the pool to the side.  It's a good sized pool!  I was so proud of him I almost cried.  He was also excited and proud.  My sister looked at me and said, "Andie, I only gave him instruction once and he took off.  He's really smart!!", as everyone cheered.  I would have to agree.  This child can retain information like it's nobody's business - very fast learner.  Yay, Liam!  Now, if I can just get this kid to potty train and communicate (other than signing), we'll be all set!

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