Jul 15, 2013


It's crazy how a child can entertain themselves with only the bare essentials -  a card board box, wooden spoons, a bucket, a beaded bracelet, you name it.  And these can keep a child occupied for hours.  What kid needs extravagant, expensive toys when all you really need are the basics, right?  Parenting has never been so easy.  I had a plastic tub tucked away in a closet for awhile, then I started using it to put the kids bath toys in it, then it became a mini swimming pool sensation.  We don't need much to keep these guys smiling, and I couldn't be happier that I'm not being suckered or pressured into high dollar items.  Phew!  It's amazing how much fun our kids had with something so small.  

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I loved how the camera focused on the water droplets.

Long night?

Landon having fun doing boy things such as pretending he's peeing.  Of course, Liam would be watching closely.  Boys.  *sigh*

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