Jul 21, 2013

Holiday World: Visiting As a Family

Aaron and I had been to Holiday World a time or two a long time ago, whether it was with my family or when we were kids, and it was fun.  However, there is nothing better than re-living your childhood or making your own memories with your kids at an old amusement park.  We were going to surprise the kids, but being a big kid myself I couldn't keep it a secret.  I had the best time.  I thought for sure Liam would be our biggest challenge, but everything flowed smoother than I could have ever imagined.  The weather was beautiful, rides were tons of fun, and the kids were the happiest I have seen them in quite some time.  Score!  This park is wonderful (aside from all the walking).  I love how kid-friendly it is, too.  I'm also happy to report that Landon rode his very first roller coaster with his Dad, The VoyageMan, what doozy for a first.  But, I can't talk.  Mine was Vortex at Kings Island.  I would have hopped on the ride with Landon, but I'm not a big fan of the wooden coasters, and my back thanks me when I refuse.  :)

The infamous family photos with "Hitler Santa", as my friends like to call him.

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First things first with any toddler...keep them occupied.  Landon found some stuff to ride too while his baby brother got his fix.

Aaron and I thought for sure Liam was going to try to jump in the water.  He stood up once.  This was the only kiddie ride that didn't have a strap.  I would have laughed, no doubt.

Liam patiently waiting for the ride to begin.

Landon will always love this style ride. 

This picture is priceless.

Landon being cool in front of the Nativity scene.

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Holidog and his girls were getting down.

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Dad and Landon getting on their first ride together.  This thing was intense.  It's high and it spins.   My two least favorite things when it comes to rides.

But, I rode it anyway.

 Then we discovered a little park within the park before heading to Splashin' Safari.  It was nice to see because it was definitely a great time to cool off. 

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There were also rides in this section of the park, as well as a playland for the kids.

Liam was fine with the ride, but he didn't care for the noise that the roller coaster made.  So, he just covered his ears.  Good call, buddy.

 And then I took a turn with Landon.  For being a kiddie roller coaster, it was very fast and very jerky.

You can see how much pain I was in, right?  Kidding.  Actually, I was just messing with Landon by making jokes (notice the big smile).

We stopped to ride a few more rides, made a trip to the car for lunch, dropped the camera off and then made our way back inside.  Their water park is amazing!  When we arrived we didn't know where to start.  Aaron took Liam to Safari Sam's Splashland and Kima Bay while I rode Zinga, Jungle Racer, and Otorongo with Landon.  Before the park closed all of us hung out in Safari Sam's Splashland where they have pint-sized slides made just for little ones (and parents).  It was awesome!  I think my favorite slide was Jungle Racer.  There was something thrilling about going head first down a huge five-story water slide. 

 I didn't want to take my chances with the camera with so many people around, and I didn't want it to get hot or wet (which is why you don't see pictures of the water park), but I can assure you we had a blast!!  I was also happy that Liam was able to ride adult rides with us, too!  He braved the log ride  and the rapids, and even enjoyed a nice ride in the old time cars.  He didn't get scared or anything!  In fact, he wanted to ride the rides over and over.  So, I guess it's safe to say that we have not one but two thrill seekers on our hands.  I'm so glad we were able to make a day of it before school starts.


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