Jul 15, 2013

Hi Ho Hi Ho, It's Off To Work He Goes

It's probably pretty obvious to moms and dads out there who are raising pre-teen-ish kids.  You know, the kids who know better than to leave things lying around but leave them anyway because they expect you to clean them up?  A few days ago I finally got to a point of frustration with Landon.  I was noticing the sink was piling up (kinda' like our laundry basket) with unnecessary dishes.  I found that he was switching out his beverages and using five or six glasses a day.  I also found that by doing this the counter was getting pretty crowded, and I was spending more time in the kitchen than needed.  A light bulb went off.   I asked him to come into the kitchen for a talk.  Instead of scolding him about what he was doing, I turned to him and said, "This is how you wash dishes.  Now it's your turn."  And that's what happened.  He has been doing dishes ever since, with direction.   One day we'll get to a point where I won't have to be on top of him about doing them, they will get washed without asking or reminding.  He also has other chores around the house, including walking the dog (or taking him out to use the potty), feeding the dog, cleaning the bathroom mirror and counter (where he brushes his teeth), and vacuuming and cleaning his room.  I feel it's healthy to give them jobs.  It teaches responsibility as well as an appreciation for a clean house.  And, if I'm going to have it my way, he'll be the most responsible kid on the planet.  At least one can only hope.  We'll see how it goes.  So far, he's doing an excellent job!

Something funny I noticed, too.  When Landon started doing dishes he had a shirt on and then I glanced over to see that his shirt was gone.  I asked him why he took his shirt off, and his response was, "Doing dishes makes me a sweaty mess."  Ha ha!  I think part of it was that he was getting soaked, too.

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Liam was taking notes.  

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