Jul 15, 2013

Creativity At Its Finest

The boys love playing with anything they can get their little creative fingers on.  Chalk seems to still be a favorite at our house.  Of course, Landon's art has changed over the years.  It always starts with shapes, words, or fun things like rainbows, animals, and smiley faces.  As he has gotten older, it's all about robots, ninjas, or his favorite characters (which is Minecraft's Steve at the moment, only Landon style).  Liam is following in his brother's footsteps.  Liam loves to draw shapes and houses, but he really loves to draw on bugs if he sees them crawling along the driveway (and maybe smash them, too - yuck).  I guess he feels they need  a little bit of color in their lives - however long he lets them live.  I agree, Liam, most bugs can have a boring color of black or brown and need that extra pop.  I'll be curious to see how much his art changes as he grows.

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Landon picked some flowers so I helped him make a bouquet.

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