Jul 25, 2013

Children's Museum Of Indianapolis

School will be starting again soon, which is a little bittersweet.  We wanted to take the kids to do some fun things this summer before all the chaos sets in.  We've had a great summer so far and thought adding a children's museum to the list would be ideal.  We've been dying to go and waited for the right time.  This place is phenomenal.  There were plenty of exhibits within exhibits to keep the on-the-go kiddos occupied for an entire day.  Heck, we as parents were occupied and enjoyed every minute.  We learned a thing or two about culture, history, and so much more.  Most of the museum was made up of hands-on play.  I love how the kids could explore and learn all at the same time - sand, water, rock climbing, shopping, pretend play, you name it.  It wasn't a place where sections were roped off and people yelling at you for going to place that was off limits.  The museum was a fantastic  adventure for the whole family and the staff members were extremely nice and helpful.

I'll go ahead and start this off by posting a couple pictures of Peyton Manning.  Why not, right?  I mean, he was only Indiananpolis' star Quarterback and all.  Plus, we're big Colts fans.

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The boys loved the transformer show.



Landon watching the video about Ryan White.  After the video was finished playing, Landon walked over to me and cried and said, "that's really sad". 

His mom donated his belongings to the museum and visits from time to time to tell his story.

"Bad Teacher"?

Landon joining in.

Learning the Na'vi's language.

We were able to visit Egyptian homes and markets.

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