Jun 6, 2013

The New Ride

We knew it was time to get Landon a new bike.  We had been holding off because we wanted to make sure Landon was ready for the transition.  We headed out to find what Landon liked best.  We didn't realize, being out of the game for awhile, that bikes were so different - colors, designs, gadgets, etc.  I felt like I was buying a car.  Landon narrowed it down to two styles.  We left the store and sat on for a day and then went back to see if his mind had changed (and we wanted to browse the internet for better pricing).  After walking around the store to think about it, we found ourselves back in the bike department.  He finally made his decision.  I have never seen him so excited!  We explained to him that this was an early birthday gift.  With the summer quickly approaching we thought it would be ideal for him to get some use out of it before colder weather hit (his birthday is in October).  He was more than okay with that plan, but we will more than likely take him to a place he likes or get him a little something closer to his birthday. 

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