Jun 6, 2013

Games: Bigs and Littles

It's entertaining to sit back and think how different my two boys are.  It's mainly because of their ages, with Liam being almost four and Landon almost ten.  Landon's more into hanging out with his friends, riding his bike around the neighborhood, being creative with his stories and drawings, and sports while Liam is more into running around getting into anything he can and being a human tornado, or "Destructo Boy" as I like to call him.   All Liam wants to do is play.  Everything is a game to him right now. 

While Landon was at his game one night, Liam and I took a stroll to a nearby park.  It's not easy keeping a toddler occupied for two hours during a baseball game, let me tell ya.  The bleachers are always a big hit because he loves to climb and run up and down, but that becomes a challenge when you have other parents sitting on them trying to enjoy their son's game.  The noise of the bleachers was bad enough...bang, bang, bang as he moves around.  Out of respect for others, we moved on.  The park was a Godsend.  It kept Liam busy for most of the game and me sane.  Keeping him entertained is a must, and the wearing him out part is always a huge plus. 

You will have to excuse Liam's pasty white skin from the rock dust.

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I thought this was neat.  Liam threw rocks on the slide as I was testing my DOF and this is what my camera captured.  Love it.


I think he was wearing himself out.

I saw "I love love" on the swing.  Perfect!



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