Jun 27, 2013

Father's Day Picnic 2013

This year Landon wanted to do something special for his dad for Father's Day.  We typically do the card or gift or maybe even take him out to his favorite restaurant.  Landon had the brilliant idea of taking his dad on a picnic.  He had been talking about it weeks beforehand.  We shopped the day before to get the finest foods (e.g. Lunchables) to take on the picnic.  Since we don't usually do this type of activity, I found myself lost when buying things to take with us.  Thanks to Google and some friendly advice, we were able to piece everything together.  We had so much fun we've talked about doing it more down the road.  It's cheap as well as fun for the whole family. 

Everything was going great.  The boys were bonding as I expected, the food was yummy, and our location couldn't have been better.  Well, it began to sprinkle, but before that, I was in the middle of shooting the boys together and then it happened.  My camera stopped working.  I looked down to see the ERR message on my digital screen.  I knew I was in trouble, but since I also knew I couldn't do anything about it at that time, I put the camera away and didn't let it affect the rest of our day.   My camera is still in the shop, but thanks to some helpful people I was able to use a camera (or two) for some shoots and other happenings while my camera was getting a makeover.  I'm just thankful I was able to capture some sweet moments on Father's Day before the camera said adios!

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

A client of mine gave me an idea for a photo for Father's Day.  I know it's nothing special, but I thought it was cute.  It would have been cuter if I had more cooperative children (and the sun was awful). 

Happy Father's Day, Aaron.  You are an amazing Papa.

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