Jun 13, 2013

Baseball: The Last Run

With Landon being in sports for some time now I have found that it's sad when the seasons come to an end.  After Landon's last baseball game, I looked at one of the other parents in confusion and said, "That's it?", as if there was supposed to be something more.  Looking over my shoulder I knew that Landon had taken his "last run" on the field.  I told everyone to have a great summer and walked away, lowering my head in sadness.  It was like a great relationship coming to an end, which I'll never get used to.  The team and their parents will be missed dearly, but I know that someday we will meet again.

Before the games, the team would gather at the batting cages for batting practice and then head out on the field for warm-ups.  And, once the game started Liam and I would walk to the park.  I'm not sure why I waited so long to take him there, but it was Heaven.  Occasionally I would stroll Liam back to watch the game.  After all, that's why we were there in the first place.  Then back to the park we would go.


I was so proud of Landon for hanging in there and doing so well, and he loved his team.  Sometimes he would get frustrated if he would strike out or get out on base, but he quickly recovered and did what he was supposed to do.  I couldn't have been more proud of our sweet boy.  I can't wait for next year (or maybe later this year for Fall Ball, as they call it...we'll see).  

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 And then some unofficial baseball pictures.

Another game for good measure.

I sure wish we had these pads when I was playing softball.  I used to pitch, catch and cover short shop and third base.  These pads would have come in handy when catching, that's for sure.

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