May 22, 2013

Water Wars

Our usual weekend day includes a lot of yard work, indoor projects (or cleaning), and running errands.  Coming and going is definitely a routine we are all pretty used to.  When Liam hears the door open and close, he knows that there are people outside, which gets him really excited.  Every five seconds you will hear, "ow tie".  Seriously it doesn't stop until he actually goes "ow tie".   We felt bad hearing Liam's cries to go out and play so we caved and let him go.  Aaron had the hose out watering our new Dogwood trees we planted.  If you know anything about Liam you know that "outside" and "water" are his two most favorite things on the planet.  Well, when you put both of them together, you have one happy toddler on your hands.  The boys played what I like to call "water wars".  They would run from each other when it was the other one's turn to get sprayed.  Liam never had so much fun in his life.  His giggle became louder and louder as the evening went on.  I really enjoyed watching them have fun.  I didn't get in on the action because I was worried about my equipment getting soaked.  Being with a bunch of boys you just never know how things will play out, right?  I still had a good time.  Sometimes just sitting back and watching my boys bond is a good enough time for me.

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The sun set and it was time to go.  Fun day!

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