May 13, 2013

Parade Day

Wow, what a fun day! 

We started our day early with a parade.  The baseball players put on their finest (uniforms) and hopped on their "floats" and drove around the city.  Aaron and I parked on the side of the road and waited for the crew to roll by.  It was a small parade but entertaining, nonetheless.  Sitting there taking pictures, I forgot who was participating in the parade  - baseball players.  With baseball players come throwing objects, fast and hard.  And man, candy never hurt so bad when it was chucked in our direction.  After the parade had passed us by, we spent a few minutes with Liam while he window shopped and explored the streets of downtown.  Okay, maybe just one street, but still fun.  Liam had a blast picking through all the candy on the street the kids had thrown, and it was a lot!  Like Halloween, A LOT.  After we went back to the minor field to pick Landon up to take him home, we noticed they were giving out awards for best floats in the parade.  We didn't win, but it was nice to see who did.  Later, Landon noticed the huge bag of candy sitting in our car.  I think that was the most exciting part of the morning.  

We definitely had a lot going on yesterday, including Landon's baseball game and a trip to a park to hit the batting cages.  I stayed home from the game this time and let Aaron enjoy some moments alone with Landon.  Plus, I had to clean the house and prepare for a Mother's Day get-together the next day and Liam desperately needed a nap.  After the boys came home Landon was excited to tell me that he won his game, and how he scored a couple of times for his team, which made playing baseball so much more thrilling.  It's always nice when the kids have a chance to boost their egos. 

Well, because Landon was so excited, and his adrenaline was still pumping, he asked if we could go to the batting cages for a little practice.  I suppose what happened at the game was pretty motivating.  Off we went!  Aaron and I took our turns pitching and batting.  I think Landon liked us batting more!  I hadn't been in a batting cage or on a field (in uniform or otherwise) in years, so I was a nervous girl getting behind the home plate, or at least pretending to.  It was a blast!  Saturday was by far one of the best days I've had with both of my youngins (and my DH)!

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

I love how the mom is taking a picture of her little boy, but I especially love his pose.

Silly kids!

Isaac is quite the character - love him!  Liam didn't like the loud fire truck.  It was too much for his little ears, so Daddy covered him up.  Don't feel bad, Liam.  The sirens hurt mine, too!


The Braves!

Now this is the way to get around.

I loved the "hair".

Boys. Pfft.

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