May 10, 2013

Our Track Star

I am a little depressed about track coming to an end for the school year.  Maybe it's because I know that 4th grade will be here before I know it, which means that my baby continues to grow and inches closer to leaving the nest?  Maybe it's the fact that I enjoyed watching Landon blossom into an athlete?  Or, could it be that Landon actually loved running track?  *gasp* He came to me and told me he wants to try out again next year.  I about had a heart attack, but I was so excited that he made the effort to say something, or at least put his full effort into a sport.  Heck yeah!  I encouraged him to stick with something he really likes to do.  I was so proud of him, and having the entire school root him on when it was his turn to run never hurt a little guy's ego.  Landon was one of the last races - 1000 Medley Relay.  Then, the last meet he was asked to run the 800.  I had tears in my eyes as I watched him push his little legs to go faster and faster around the track.  He was the second hand off, and in first place.  Then, the unthinkable happened.  He lost the baton.  But he recovered quickly and we managed just fine.  The fans were high-fiving our little dude like it was no big deal...and it wasn't.  They were jumping up and down congratulating him on his big run.  Even the kids, being as young as they are, did the same thing.  Never once did Landon feel bad about himself.  He cracked a joke or two calling himself "Mr. Butterfingers" and laughing like nothing ever happened.  *wiping forehead*  Phew, that was close. Way to go, Landonator!

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Hanging out with his friend, Evin, while they waited their turn.

I loved the team spirit.

Discussing strategy with the other runners.

I thought this was sweet.  An older student, I think a fourth grader, let Liam play with his transformer to keep him occupied for a little while.  When I told Liam to give it back, the little boy responded in a sweet, soft voice, "Oh no, he can play with it.  I have a little brother too.", and then he smiled at me.  What a sweet boy!

This is where he lost the baton, but it didn't stop him at all.  I really love the kid's facial expression in the blue.  This "Oh no!" moment reminded me of the movie "Bring It On" and the "spirit stick" scene.  I guess he's cursed for life, eh?

You did great, sweetie!

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