May 10, 2013

Nerf Wars and Popsicles

Landon and Liam darted out the door when they heard the kids outside yesterday.  Liam's still a little young to go out on his own, so I followed closely behind to see where the kids were headed and to keep a close eye on the little one.  Being the protective mom that I am, I never let my kids wander too far and I have to know of their whereabouts at all times.  In fact, I am surprised that I don't have a ten foot brick wall around our home to keep them safe.  Anyway, Madison and Shelby come around the corner and asked if the boys can come in their yard to play.  I did the typical parent stuff and got the okay from their mom and stayed with Liam until it was time to go home.  The girls have a trampoline in their yard that I refuse to let the kids get on.  The only time I let Landon on one was when we were visiting my sister in South Carolina.  He was alone, and it was only for a few minutes.  There's nothing more terrifying than getting a group of people on them and bouncing all over the place, knocking everything loose.  One false jump and you're flying (or breaking a bone).  When Liam was seeing an Orthopedic Surgeon on a regular basis, she mentioned that most of her patients were the result of trampoline injuries (some sports, too).  I've had that stuck in my mind ever since, and it scared me. The boys found other things to do besides hang on the trampoline.  They played "nerf wars".  At least that's what they call it.  The boys collected their best coolest Nerf guns and chased each other around.  The girls got in on it, too! 

Madison and Shelby are excellent hosts.  They always offer popsicles to their guests.  They are as sweet as they can be.  I was even asked what my favorite flavor was.  I love that our two boys have friends they can trust and get along with.  I think it helps that Madison and Shelby are little tomboys.  Don't let the color pink fool you.

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I had my camera out (obviously) and Landon blurted out, "Guess what, my mom's a photographer"!  About that time, Madison looked over and said, "That's so cool"!  I think so too, Miss M.  I love her facial expression.  A complete shocker face.

Miss Daisy rolling around in the grass.  From time to time, she would let me know that she didn't like her picture taken.  No wonder she gets along with our two boys so well.  They feel exactly the same way!

This is what happened when Liam spotted the trampoline.  I am yelling, "NOOOO!" about this time.



The look of death.  If you haven't seen it yet, trust me, you will.

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