Apr 10, 2013

The Griswold's Family Vacation (post 4 of 8): Poinsett B & G Range

My Brother-In-Law works for Poinsett Bombing and Gunnery Range, and I must say, it was actually pretty interesting, even for a girl like me.  I love how he educated us throughout his unofficial tour.  Driving through the vast amounts of sand was pretty fun, too!  We had to let the guys know inside that we were going to be on the grounds because they have fighter jets (such as F-16s) come through and play target practice.  I definitely don't want to be in the wrong place at the wrong time when THAT happens.  Vacation, over.  'Nough said.

He works up in the tower that you will see.  My BIL used to be in the military (the Airforce) and worked as an Air Traffic Controller (second most stressful job in the world).  I guess you can say he still is an ATC, doing what he does.  The first most stressful job?  The restaurant business, which is where I worked for years, which explains a lot about me and why I can handle a lot.  Or, maybe why I'm a full-on hot mess 98% the time....same thing.  Anyway, moving on...

The missiles that you will see in one of the photographs are left-overs from target practice that had been pulled to the edge of the forest by said BIL.  They also start forest fires to contain the area.  They don't kill any trees, but burn them down enough to make space.  My BIL can explain that part a little better than I ever could.  It's complicated.  They also have endangered birds living in some of the trees.  Those trees are marked white by Environmentalists, which tell the other guys to leave those trees alone.  Everything is color-coded, and the sandy roads all have a specific name (like our roads, but without the signs).  The special trees that aren't to be touched within the forest are marked in blue.  Pretty well organized for about 25,000 acres, if I do say so myself.  

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