Apr 10, 2013

The Griswold's Family Vacation (post 1 of 8): Heading South

When we left home we had chilling temperatures and heavy snowfall, which made us more excited to head south for our first family vacation.  The car was packed with everything we could possibly think of, including extra warm clothes in case the weather didn't cooperate.  I was proud of us.  Being the first time travelers with two young kids, we packed and traveled like pros.  It was a breeze!  On the road the kids were very well behaved.  Liam sang songs, Landon jammed to his favorite tunes on the radio, and both kids smiled and took in the sights the whole way down.  I also listened to "Holiday Road" on my iPod for good measure...and to make our family vacation official, ya know.

Okay, so, remember when I said we packed like pros?  Well, there was one thing we didn't pack...bulky tennis shoes.  If you're going to a beach, who needs those sand hogs, right?  We thought we were smart (and maybe a little cool too) and packed only water shoes and sandals/flip flops.  I'll elaborate more on that later.

We live in Indiana, so naturally, we had to travel through a few (and a half) states to get to our destination, which include Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, and part of South Carolina.  North Carolina mountains were just as bad as the Tennessee mountains, and we started to wonder if we were in for a snowy retreat instead of a more tropical one.  Once we passed a certain point in South Carolina (more along the tip of the state), we saw sunshine and green grass and the temps began to climb...Heaven!  The snow was beautiful, though.

For the first post, I give you about 300+ miles of THIS.  First there were flurries, then heavy snowfall, then rain.  Needless to say, driving was fun.

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