Apr 10, 2013

Spring Has Shown Its Face...Finally!

Landon has been home sick for the last two days, possibly a third depending on how tomorrow morning goes.  I think he got a touch of what I have.  I'm still in the process of recovering, over a week later.  Now, I am having back issues.  It never ends.  In the process of all the sickness that has been bouncing around, it has warmed up quite a bit in these parts.  Today was in the 80's so I didn't feel right depriving Liam of the nice weather we had while his brother rested.  He wanted to get just about every toy he owned out of the garage.  Our front yard looked like an unorganized rummage sale.  Peyton enjoyed some time outdoors himself.  He likes to be hooked up in the front yard so he can people watch and play with us.  I was just happy to do something other than sit inside and watch movies all day.

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Following in his brother's footsteps.


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