Apr 18, 2013

Having A Ball

The bleachers were empty before Landon's baseball game started, which was a good way to keep Liam entertained while his brother warmed up on the field. He is nothing short of entertaining, let me tell ya.  Playing on the bleachers kept Liam very busy until it was time for the game to begin.  That's pure joy for any parent.  Liam was melting hearts with his cute facial expressions and personality.  Lucky for him, I had my camera ready.  :)

Landon's still adapting pretty well to baseball and told me that he really likes it.  He did mention the other day during practice that he enjoys the practices more, because they play games to get the kids more involved.  Whatever works is how I see it.  I'm a little relieved to get some positive feedback this year.  I hope it sticks.

As you can see, it was a little nippy that day.  Some of the kids had to wear light jackets over their uniforms to keep warm.  The temps weren't bad, only the cut-you-in-two wind that was blowing was horrid.  That's always fun during a baseball game.  When I think of baseball I think of beer, hot dogs, and warm weather.  Aaron and I looked at each other in confusion and said that we thought he should be in his football uniform instead.  Oddly enough, we ran into his football coach at the game that day.  The weather around here has been unusually cold.  Thankfully, these last few days have been in the 80's and sunny.  One of these days Mother Nature will make up her mind, right?

This is probably my favorite picture.

Watching and learning.

Hot chocolate was a must-have item that day.

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