Apr 19, 2013

Blackacre Outing

There's a place in the country that has animals, great landscapes, and of course, history.  It's known as a historical homestead rather than a farm, but it's beautiful.  I can't wait to schedule photo shoots there.  I found another place recently and can't wait to add that to my list, too.  The possibilities are endless.  I wanted to get to know the location before taking it on professionally.

My boys loved the location.  We're not exactly country folk, so the kids weren't familiar with farm life.  Notice the sandals and preppy clothes?  That's how we roll.  ;)  Didn't seem to bother them, though. Landon loved feeding the horses and goats and Liam had fun chasing and sneaking up on the roosters.  Lucky for us, the roosters are used to people and played nice with our wild, curious toddler.  Poor things didn't know what hit 'em.

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Never underestimate Liam's sneakiness.  I think this was the highlight of his trip.  The rooster's crowing made Liam bust out in laughter.  So cute.

Climbing up in the hay loft.

One of the calves.  They were so sweet.

One of the very patient, very tolerable roosters.

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