Mar 12, 2013

When Bad Things Happen To Good People

This is old news, but I totally forgot to post this around the time it happened a month ago (or so).  I went with my sister to my mom's house to help clean out her basement.  I was in the middle of doing laundry when my mom asked what that noise was.  I didn't hear anything, but it's difficult to hear anything when you're surrounded by noise in a laundry room...and in a basement on top of that.  It was blown off and we continued on as planned.  I had to take some things outside and then I noticed there was a white bumper laying in front of my car.  Being curious, I walked over to see what it was, or better yet, what it was doing there.  Then I noticed other car parts in the street along with tire marks, mud, grass and so on.  For a second I thought how crazy and disrespectful people can be (not realizing at this point that there was even MORE damage).  And there it was, my car had been side-swiped.  The noise my mom heard about an hour beforehand was this drunk, drugged, irresponsible, or whatever-you-want-to-call-them person taking out half a street.  The neighbors' yard was destroyed.  Track marks everywhere. Trees knocked down.  I felt so bad for my mom's neighbor.  It didn't make the situation any better knowing they were elderly and sick.  I called the police and left everything as it was.  I was beyond peeved.  Here I was minding my own business and doing a good deed for the day and then BAM!  I told my mom that I had been scarred for life and wouldn't be parking anywhere but the middle of the yard next time.  Ha!  You learn very quickly.  Luckily none of the neighbors were home or, more importantly, nobody was in the car when this happened.  My bank account (and my car) thanks this person for doing one heckuva five-minute bang up job - $2,800 worth of a bang up job to be exact!  I don't think I could do that much damage if I tried.

Today?  All is well, and my silver beauty is fixed and sitting in my garage as I type this.

On a side note:  Does anyone else feel that hit and runs should fall under vandalism on your insurance policy?  As I thought about it, I came to the conclusion that it would be no different if this person got out of their car and took a key or a ball bat to it and fled the scene.  I mean, who comes to your door and says, "Oh Hi, I smashed in the side of your car with my Louisville Slugger and wondered if you like the new look. Oh yeah, here's my info.  Give me a call sometime."?  To me, it was the same thing, but involving a car instead.  I was nowhere around when it happened.  Car or no car, bat or no bat, I still think it's nuts that customers should have to pay for someone else's wrong doings.  Just my opinion.

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