Mar 14, 2013

The Sidekick and the Caged Boy

Now that Landon is getting older he is helping his Dad more and more around the house.  He likes to learn how to do things, use tools, read instructions, and anything else manly that makes him feel like he has purpose or tough.  Aaron always wanted a son to do these kind of things with.  I love to watch them work together.  I flash forward to about the age of 16 and picture Aaron teaching him how to put oil in the car.  It's a great bonding experience for both of them. 

Liam was trying to touch the wooden pieces and the light bulb they had sitting in the room for extra light.  Needless to say, he went behind a locked gate to keep him out of harm's way.  One day he will be walking in his brother's footsteps, helping us with the bigger projects around the home.  Not too much longer and both of our boys will be in sports, hanging out with friends, and doing everything imaginable to avoid spending any time with us.  It's nice to be able to enjoy this time while it's here before these moments are a thing of the past.

These aren't the greatest photographs, but I did like the lamp light.

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Liam being adorable, as always.

Oh yes, and then we touched up some of our walls (definitely long overdue).

We had quite a few projects going on at one time, but I think I am ready for a rest!  Oh, that's right, that will be happening in 12 days when we sink our toes in the sand on our very first family vacation!  Can't wait!

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