Mar 5, 2013

Scary Dude Unleashed

I love this new phase that Liam is going through.  It started when Aaron played the "scary face" game with Liam and it's never stopped.  It's funny how Liam associates certain things with certain people when he sees them.  For instance, Aaron has been lifting Liam up to the ceiling since I can remember.  Every time Aaron holds him he looks at Aaron and says, "Up".  When I'm on the floor, he presses his little belly against my feet and wants to "fly", once again saying, "Up". 

I caught Aaron and Liam playing their new game and quickly grabbed my camera.  I was able to capture some stills, but I also got some of it on video to be sure I caught his giggle (or at least his excitement) on tape.  At one point I was so enthralled with his laugh, I found myself spazzing and forgot what I was doing.  "Oh yeah, I guess I better hit the record button"!  I love seeing him happy and watching his little chubby face light up.  Best. Thing. Ever.

Yes, I may or may not have gotten a little crazy with the number of almost the same photograph.  :)

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For good measure.

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