Mar 8, 2013

Just The Two Of Us

With Liam being in preschool for a short time during the day I find myself taking a lot more pictures of him while Landon's gone.  Landon has gotten to the point that he hates getting his picture taken, or he's just "too busy" now that he is turning into a little man.  Priorities, people.  Those priorities include things like Wii, phone apps, computer games, drawing, writing stories, reading, and watching his favorite shows on TV.  He doesn't like to be bothered.  I see a nice glimpse of teenage world surfacing.  Liam likes to play and interact with people and most comfortable when someone is in the same room with him.  I was sitting on the floor playing games with Liam when he spotted a truck sitting over in the corner of his room.  We pushed it back and forth and then lost him to examining every inch of the truck.  Suddenly, the pushing game was over, and Liam was in his comfort zone all to his lonesome.  Then, the personality shined, and the truck was a thing of the past.  He played hide and seek (not too many places for that, but he had fun), running, jumping, rolling, you name it.  He was all smiles as I sat there watching him show off.  I love it when it's the two of us.  When too many boys are thrown in, it gets wild and difficult to keep my patience in tact.  I like having that one-on-one with him, and I think he does, too!

Here are some photos from yesterday afternoon that I thought were worth sharing:

This picture looked a little angelic to me.

He was running to me in this picture.

On a side note:  In case you're wondering, we had to take most of the drawers out of both dressers because Liam was taking them out.  Ahhh, the joys of toddlerhood.  New, sturdier dressers will be purchased at some point, but we want to wait until our little man surpasses this mischievous stage (at least as much as possible) before spending money on any kind of furniture.  The bunk bed was a risky move, and bad enough for his age.  The boys love the bed, though.  We all do!

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