Mar 17, 2013

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

With both of my boys having Irish blood running through their veins I like to do a little something with them for my own pleasure.  I typically don't do anything fancy or super creative, just a few snap shots for me (and the boys) to hopefully look back on one day. 

It was extremely cold the day I took these photos.  In fact, we had a few snow flurries earlier that day.  I knew I didn't want to include big, heavy coats because I felt that it would take away from what I was trying to do, or the look I was going for.  But man, would it have helped!  Landon wasn't as cooperative.  As soon as he hit the cold air the complaints began.  I told him before we left the house that if he cooperated we could get the picture-taking over with quickly and the quicker we could get back to the warmth.  Well, no such luck.  He squirmed, he got up to leave many times, as well as made these God awful I'm-in-pain faces, which made our time out in the cold last longer than anticipated.  Getting good pictures of him now is a bit cumbersome.  So, if you'll notice I don't have too many of him.  Liam?  Liam was awesome.  I thought for sure Landon would have shined more being older, but Liam was my golden boy this time.  He was a hoot, and he didn't let the bitter cold weather stop him or change his mood in any way.  Being the laid-back kid that he is, he was just happy to be outside!  Sure, he tried to get up a couple times (pretty normal stuff), but nothing like his older brother.  I was absolutely amazed.  Both of my boys did great, all things considered.

I heart this picture of Liam!

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He looks like he's crying, but he's cringing from the cold wind.

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