Mar 12, 2013

A New Year, A New Sport

Landon played t-ball in the summer of '09, but never really took to it.  We thought we would wait until he was mature enough to make his own decisions about what sports he wanted to play.  I would say that worked out perfectly, but it didn't.  He thought football was a great place to start after the long hiatus, but he found out very quickly that he doesn't like sports that involve a lot of contact such as football, wrestling, etc.  So, he came to us and asked if he could play basketball or baseball.  Because of the hectic football schedule and my photography schedule last year, I missed the basketball sign-ups.  Then I remembered that he could try out for basketball in school this past winter.  He didn't make the team, which didn't shock me since he took so much time to decide what he wanted to do.  Well, here we are and Landon is now signed up and ready to play in the Minors.  I hope he likes it.  Aaron and I are hoping that he will find something that he loves and wants to stick with for awhile.

This is Landon at his Minor League Baseball Evaluation (the draft):

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 He appears to be taking up to it pretty well so far.  He has good form and more hand and eye coordination.  Good luck, buddy!  Go, Braves!

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  1. Exciting! It'll be fun to watch the boys this summer!


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