Feb 28, 2013

Three and Thriving

Liam cracks us up daily.  There isn't a day that goes by that my face doesn't hurt from all the smiles and my stomach muscles don't ache from laughter.  Liam is so fun.  I will miss this stage when it goes, but there is a side of me that is patiently waiting for him to grow into an even bigger, funnier boy. 

Oh, and Liam is saying "up", and it's as plain as day (something we're not used to).  He attempts to say a lot of words, but the poor little guy just can't seem to get it all out.  One day, baby.  One day.  You will shock us all with your brilliance.

The funny face:

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The scary face:

The see-my-teeth? face:

The now-you-don't face:

And, the bird-watcher face:

See his face?  Exactly.  Deeply enthralled.

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