Dec 22, 2012

Tot in a Tunnel

Here it is, the first day of Christmas break.  Landon was sleeping in and Liam sneaked in his brother's room to see what he could get into.  Typical day at our house.  I walked in Landon's room where Liam was quietly playing and sat on the floor.  His little face lit up as if he were saying, "Ooooh, a playmate!"  The next thing I know Liam disappears for a minute leaving me stranded sitting in a room all by myself.  I looked up and saw Liam pulling a tunnel down the hallway.  He rolled around in it, climbed over it, measured it, stepped in it, and then when he was finished having his fun, demanded that I crawl through it.  Thankfully I was the only photog in the room. I love it when he's happy.

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