Dec 3, 2012

Thanksgiving Goodness

This year was a little less stressful, which was a nice break from the yearly chaos we have to go through.  Two family gatherings were cut down to one, the one gathering went from a whopping 40 something guest list down to about 12, no rushing, no clock-watching, and the kids were in bed by a decent hour.  Now if we can have all holidays turn out this beautifully, we'll be all set!

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Liam helping with dishes.  We're training him early.

My sister always tells me now that my nephew is older he is nearly impossible to catch with a natural smile.  He's more of a photo bomber.  I forget what was said here to make him smile, but it made my sister's day.

The face of a child with a sugar high.

 As the day was coming to a close my sister and I went out in the back yard to get some family shots.  Surprisingly it went pretty well. 

I love this photo!  Not that it's print worthy or anything, but I love the look of death on my face, Aaron's look of  "Of course, Madam" [in Tim Curry's british accent], and Liam's "Hurry, take the picture" look.  We all cracked up when we viewed it.

It's not a real Zimmerman photo shoot without Liam's infamous head slapping and hair pulling.  He seems to only do this to his Dad.  Poor guy.  I think because we laughed, Liam did it more.  Oops.

One of my sister's dogs, Oscar.

My turn! Ouch!


  1. Oh, you need a canvas of that death look shot, for sure! Priceless.

    1. Yeah, you go ahead and get right on that, Ms. Jennifer. Haha! This shot is definitely one for the books, that's for sure.


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