Dec 14, 2012

Project 365 {2012}: Week Forty-Nine in Review

December 8th

December 8th:  This photo shoot was beyond precious.  I had a great time getting Christmas pictures of Miss Alayna.

December 9th

December 9th:  One of our favorite things to make together.  It's quick, easy, and very satisfying.

December 10th

December 10th:  I ordered pizza for the boys to change up our every day meals.  I love surprising my boys with something so yummy.  And it was amazing!

December 11th

December 11th:  A friend of mine brought over some very cute newbie hats.  I can't wait to use them!

December 12th

December 12th:  I caught Liam coloring on the floor in our living room.  He used to never show any interest in coloring until now.

December 13th

December 13th:  Liam jamming to his guitar in his room.  He's becoming quite the little rock star these days.

December 14th:  The worst day in history.  I was deeply saddened by the heinous acts committed in Connecticut, not to mention right before Christmas.  Awful, just awful.  My heart and prayers go out to to families of the victims.  Landon likes to write his feelings down on paper from time to time.  He is such a sweet boy.

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