Dec 29, 2012

Project 365 {2012}: Week Fifty-One in Review

December 22nd

December 22nd:  I found some of Landon's old clothes when he was a toddler and washed them so that Liam could wear them.  Liam looks so cute, but it's also a sad reminder of how fast our little ones grow or how small they once were.

December 23rd

December 23rd:  Liam finally showed interest in his tunnel he had gotten for his birthday back in August.  I knew he would eventually come out of his shell and stop fussing over trivial things.  As you can see he was having a grand ol' time.  So much, in fact, that I couldn't get him out of it.  Winning.

December 24th

December 24th:  Aaron and I took the boys to his parents' house for a Christmas Eve get-together.

December 25th

December 25th:  Santa came to visit our home.  The boys had a great Christmas!

December 26th

December 26th:  This was technically our second snow of the year, but the first time was a just a dusting.  I guess you can say this was too, but a little more of it and very pretty.  I love watching the big, fluffy snowflakes fall from the sky.  We were all a little bummed that Mother Nature didn't bless us with such beauty on Christmas, but better late than never I suppose.  At least this happened during our kids' Christmas break, which means lots of snow angels, snow men, and snow ball fights this weekend.

December 27th

December 27th:  My favorite thing in the world is anything pottery (okay, and maybe vintage goods).  My sister is dead on when it comes to my taste because she and I have the same taste in home decor.  If she sees it and loves it, she usually packs it up and gives it to me (maybe keeping a few items for herself).  These two gifts from her couldn't have been more perfect.  I especially love how she recycles or makes our gifts.  I also love snack and appetizer dishes (because of all the party-planning I do) and a tall coffee mug because, well, I love coffee.  It saves on a gazillion refills, I'll tell ya that.  

December 28th

December 28th:  I caught Liam wearing his dad's socks while Aaron was getting ready for work.  He pranced around as if he were proud to be like his dad (down deep every little boy is).  It was awesome.  I remember flipping through old pictures of me wearing my mom's pumps, jewelry and makeup as well as my dad's boots around the house when I was a toddler.  Great memories.

I hope everyone had a nice Christmas!  I will get around to posting about our Christmas events when I get some time.  As of now, I am going to gather up my booger brigade and play in the snow while I have the chance.  No photo shoots today = perfection.  Have a safe and happy New Year, Y'all!

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