Dec 30, 2012

One Christmas, Two Families = An Abundance of Holiday Spirit

We started off our holiday at my husband's parents' house for our Christmas Eve get-together.  The boys were wild, as they always are at the grandparents' house.  The toy box was empty from the toys scattered all over the room.  The dinner table was full, thanks to my MIL slaving in the kitchen every year to make sure we have good eats for our bellies.  And of course, there were plenty of presents to go around the entire room.  The kids had a wonderful time!

Then, Santa paid our boys a visit.  After he ate the cookies and drank the milk Santa was nice enough to take some time out of his busy schedule to leave a sweet, thank you note for our two munchkins.  Landon is still in Santa mode.  Santa is sure he sends him an video message every year, ya know, to keep the magic alive.  Every note/letter, video message, picture, or chance to sit on Santa's lap really means something.  I'll be sad when this all comes to an end but, for now, I will gladly soak up the excitement while I still have it.  Liam was more into Christmas this holiday season.  He's been more interested in ornaments on our tree (a little too interested, in my opinion) and loved ripping paper from his perfectly wrapped gifts.  Liam isn't into anything specific and can't ask for what he wants so we told Santa that he loves educational toys, simply because he can use them at this stage of his life.  The boys made out pretty well.  Good times!

Finally, my side of the family came to our home for our annual Pajama Christmas.  We included the pajamas back in '09, I think.  But, the real reason I took over Christmas is because my grandpa died years ago and my grandma was getting worn out.  I wanted to carry on my grandparents' tradition.  Adding PJs was my idea.  After discussing it we wanted to re-create our childhood by wearing our jammies on Christmas Day.  Plus, the bonus of being able to lounge around and be comfortable for the day is quite nice.  The extra room in our pants for face-stuffing never hurt either.  The boys loved everything they received and couldn't be happier. 

Once Christmas came and went, the kids (and parents) spent the next several days taking toys out of packaging, filling them with batteries, and playing non-stop.  I love this time of the year, and one of the many reasons Christmas is my favorite holiday.

Christmas Eve:

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A lot of you know who Kelle Hampton is.  I was very excited to receive her book as a gift this year.  I've been meaning to buy it.  In fact, I meant to buy it as soon as it hit the market, but never got around to it.  Now that the book is finally in my possession, I just have to find the time alone to read it.

Christmas morning:

Before the chaos began.

You can't fake this kind of excitement, folks.  I love Landon's facial expressions.

PJ Christmas:

Landon loves to build things.  He's definitely his mama's boy.

After everyone left, Amy and Jerry stuck around and played with Liam.  He was in Heaven!!

I hope everyone had a nice holiday!

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