Dec 5, 2012

It's That Time of the Year Again

Where blogger moms come together and post wild, wacky, cute, funny, unique, and sweet Christmas pictures of their kids and pets.  I was stumped this year as to what to do for my boys' pictures.  Last year I used lights for the backdrop, which didn't turn out too well due to an overly tired mama who didn't have the time or energy to invest in post-processing to perfect Christmas pictures.  This year I wanted to do something similar using lights. I played around using less light, more light and, in some cases, no light at all.  I also had to work with a sleepy, cranky toddler. Fun.  Liam loves all lights, including the ones on the ceiling.  The colored lights I used are twinkle lights that are controlled by a dial, which I thought would be both entertaining and occupying to keep Liam still.  My main objective was to create fun, cute sibling photo (the last photo).  I did get the photo I was wanting, but I managed to get a few others in the process.

P.S. I still cannot digest that there are only 20 days left until the fat man visits.  I don't know whether to be super excited or highly stressed.  Most of my shopping is finished, other than food for our get-together and a few fun stuffers.  Thank the good Lord for online shopping because I would probably still be sitting at home avoiding the holiday crowds like the plague.  Christmas is by far my favorite holiday, but that would be one thing about the holiday I am not too hip on.  People are mean around this time of the year.  Not sure why that is.

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Liam yawning.  Taking photos and being cute is exhausting.

This is the photo I was going for.  Liam was great.  He sat there patiently and let us wrap him up.

With wording.

I am wanting a few little things, but it's nothing that I need at the moment.  What are you asking Santa for this year? 

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