Dec 22, 2012

A Look Back

Landon was four in this picture, so the boys aren't quite the same age but close enough (Liam is three years and four months).  I love when Liam is able to wear his big brother's clothes.  We made a lot of memories in these clothes when Landon was growing up.  I try to think back to the time when he wore them and what we did that day as a family.  This particular sweater took me to a memory called a studio.  I haven't been to one of those since this picture of Landon was taken, mainly for the obvious reason - photographing on my own time.  Plus, I couldn't handle anymore of those cheesy backdrops and overly heated, cramped rooms.  I couldn't find the one where Landon was on his back like Liam is, but this one will have to do for now.

They look different, that's for sure.  Liam's hair is a little lighter and curlier and Landon's eyes are more green and have a different shape, but somehow they both managed to get the butt chin.  Poor kids.  The good news, though, I hear women dig a man with a cleft chin. 

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