Nov 4, 2012

When Boys Earn Their Keep

Landon has grown so much in personality and size over the course of his glorious nine years.  It's been fun babying him while he floats around the house leaving mess after mess.  The last several years have been about him cleaning his room, and only that.  Now that he's older and ready to take on a little more, it's time to teach him to respect what I do and even more responsibility.  He helps fold the laundry and put it away, he vacuums the house and takes out the garbage.  Recently I have put him on bathroom duty.  He is the worst at making a disgusting mess of our main bathroom mirror.  I'm not sure what his teeth-brushing time consists of behind closed doors, but it appears that he pretends that the toothpaste tube is a toy gun.  I was never that wild and crazy in the bathroom.  Okay, I think I got into my mom's makeup a time or two, but we all did, right?  I still wouldn't call it wild and crazy, though.  Not like him.  At the moment he is cleaning the mirror, sweeping the floor, and wiping down the counter.  He does pretty well, and if he's lucky, I'll be adding to that list.  Good luck, buddy!

If you notice, Liam is watching closely and prepping for the future.

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This is the look I got when I told him he was sweeping next.  "What?!"

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