Nov 30, 2012

Riding Buddies

Last year we ordered a big wheel through Aaron's work thinking that Liam would love to have something bigger to ride outside.  Little did we know Liam was too short, even at its highest setting, to reach the pedals.  Plus, we didn't know that our little dude would be super uncoordinated when it came to ride-on toys.  Now he is finally getting the hang of it, feet on the pedals and all.  However, when he saw Landon riding his bike up and down the sidewalk, he quickly hopped off to chase and help guide him along the way.  Like Landon really needed the help, right?  It was cute to watch, and Liam thought he was doing his duty as a big boy by offering.  And, Landon loved every minute of it.  I think he is happier now that Liam is older and able to do "older" activities with him.  That is one of the bad things about having a gap in age - playing the waiting game.  I will say this, Liam was dying to get on that big bike. He watched Landon's every move like a hawk.  He even went as far a fussing at me when I told him he wasn't going to ride it.  One thing at a time, little man.  One thing at a time.  Your time will come, I promise.  Until then, you rock that big wheel and show 'em how it's done.  Mmmkay?

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Landon pretended to run into Liam which made Liam chuckle.  Boys and their silly ways.

Wait for me!

Isn't it crazy how kids notice the smallest things?  It was obvious to him that the Christmas light cord didn't belong in the driveway.  He was confused and half tempted to move it.

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