Nov 4, 2012

Project 365 {2012}: Weeks Forty-Two and Forty-Three in Review

I was so involved with life and fun happenings lately that I totally forgot to post my P365. Bad blogger. Anyway, here goes...

 October 20th-November 2nd:

 October 20th

October 20th:  I had a fun family photo shoot.

October 21st

October 21st:  Another photo shoot with a fun family.

October 22nd

October 22nd:  I picked Liam up from school wearing these cool shades.  He's never been much for anything on his face, but he loved them.  

October 23rd

October 23rd:  I saw this elderly couple in the woods reading their books.

October 24th

October 24th:  I broke down and bought some fuzzy socks.  I'm a sucker for anything comfy on my feet when the weather gets cold.

October 25th

October 25th:  Landon's movie day.  When the movie was over, the credits caught Liam's eye.  It's amazing how something so little can be so entertaining.

October 26th

October 26th:  Landon had his Fall Party at school.  Since Daddy was off from work he was able to join us.  I took care of the games while the other kids ate their goodies and made crafts.  Fun!


October 27th

October 27th:  Landon had his 9th (and last) birthday party.  He asked for money instead of gifts because of an item he wanted to buy for himself.  Well, after thinking long and hard about it, he ended up buying something else.  Go figure!

October 28th

October 28th:  Landon had his Red Pride Tournament the same weekend as his birthday.  At the end of the four games, he received a trophy.  

October 29th

October 29th:  I wasn't sure if the weather would hold out long enough for me to snap a few good pictures the day of Halloween, so I decided it might be a good idea to try photographing them on a warmer day.  I'm so glad I did!  Landon was Waldo and Liam was a Golfer.  Brrrr...

October 30th

October 30th:  I found a patch of trees that I thought were pretty.  This day was also Landon's official birthday.  Happy 9th Birthday, buddy!

October 31st

October 31st:  Halloween, baby!  It was freezing cold this year, which required wearing coats and covering up the kids' costumes.  I don't think there was a child without a coat!  It was THAT cold.  Again, I am so happy I took a few pictures before the big day!  We all had a blast!  In this picture, Liam was being Mr. Independent, helping himself to the candy.  His costume was a HUGE hit, too.  It must have been the chubby cheeks and the curly hair that did it. 

November 1st

November 1st:  I had a photo shoot on a farm in Floyds Knobs, IN.  Floyds Knobs has been a target for jokes for as long as I can remember, such as "Floyds Snobs" because of the snooty type of people who live there.  You can be the nicest people on the planet, but as soon as you move there, you're automatically given a crappy reputation.  Kinda' sucks.  When I had this photo shoot in the Knobs, I never expected to show up at a farm.  In fact, I never knew they had farms up that way.  I loved how open their land was and how sweet and welcoming the owners were.  The cows were pretty cute, too.

November 2nd

November 2nd:  I was going to work on a Fall leaf project, but I didn't get very far.  So, I took a picture of a couple of leaves instead. 

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