Nov 9, 2012

Project 365 {2012}: Week Fourty-Four in Review

November 3rd

November 3rd:  We went to Madison for a re-match game between the Cowboys and Masdison JV teams.  We beat them the first time so they wanted another shot at us on their own turf.

November 4th

November 4th:  Aaron and I have been working on the house around the clock to get drawers, cabinets, closets, and so on organized and cleaned out.  We still have more to do.  This pile is basically stuff that either we will donate or put in a yard sale.  I can't believe how out-of-date some of this stuff is!

November 5th

November 5th:  My photo shoot with Alicia and her family.  They were such a fun bunch of people.

November 6th

November 6th:  The kids were home from school on Election Day.  It was a movie kinda' day.  Landon had made himself comfy on the living room floor while he watched a flick.

November 7th

November 7th:  Landon had to be picked up from school because he had a temperature late in the day.  He looks real sick in this picture, huh?   This was snapped after the meds kicked in.  Once they wore off he was back to his lethargic self.  Poor guy.

November 8th

November 8th:  Before I packed Liam into the car for school (Landon had to stay home because he was still sick), I caught Liam looking out the front door.  I loved how the natural light hit his face.

November 9th

November 9th:  Liam brought home Fall/Thanksgiving art work.  He could care less, but I loved it!

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