Nov 17, 2012

Project 365 {2012}: Week Forty-Five in Review

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November 10th:  A family photo shoot with the Duncans.

November 11th:  I love this picture of Erin and Kennedy.  They are so great together.

November 12th:  Liam has never been a ride-on toy kinda' kid until recently.  He's just now getting around to riding his big wheel that he has had for quite a awhile now.  Of course, he's not exactly riding it in this picture, but it works.

November 13th:  Apparently Landon is an entrepreneur and didn't know it.  I love the illustrations.

November 14th:  I was playing around with some gadgets and this was the end result.  There's nothing better than a selfie when you're hardly ever in pictures.  Facebook profile picture for the holiday?  Why, yes!

November 15th:  Landon has been pretty independent around the house.  Here he is attempting to make himself a salad.

November 16th:  This Mama got some goodies for the boys, and then herself.  I've been wanting boots for awhile since Peyton chewed my other ones.  I figured it was time to treat myself to something, and I cannot pass up a good deal when it hits me in the face.

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