Nov 4, 2012

Learning To Ride

Landon has never been too keen about learning how to ride his bike.  He's definitely not my kid.  That's all I wanted to do when I was small.  And, once I learned  how to do it, you couldn't get me off of  the thing.  This year was his magic year, I guess.  Neighborhood kids out riding their bikes helped a little, which I was hoping would happen.  Landon sometimes needs the extra motivation.  He knew that if he didn't learn, he wasn't going to ride his bike around the neighborhood with his friends.  At first, he kept asking for his training wheels so he could ride.  Wha...?  This, my friends, was him being nothing short of lazy.  He wanted immediate results of riding alone, but we kept pushing him to get away from the baby version of bike riding.  Now that he knows how to do it, it's easy peasy.  He looks back and thinks how silly all of it was - the stress, the laziness, the complaining, etc.  He loves every minute of it, and he's proud of himself for finally buckling down and getting the job done.  I love to see him happy.

I have a new saying around our house, "If Landon's not happy, ain't nobody happy".  True story.

The friends who also helped and encouraged him along.  It was sweet, they praised him as much as I did.

And, for good measure.

Now?  A bigger bike.  *sigh*

If you have problems viewing this video, let me know! 

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