Nov 8, 2012

Landon's 9th Birthday Party

We saved the best for last - Angry Birds!  Landon has been obsessed with them for as long as I can remember and finally had an Angry Bird themed party!  This was Landon's last birthday party.  Sad, I know.  We figured he is getting a little old for them (truthfully, he's losing interest) and we thought the age of nine is a good cut off.  I'm going to be honest for a second and say that I'm actually looking forward to only having one birthday to plan for awhile.  I'm sure other parents would agree, especially the ones who have two or more kids.  Right?  Right??  It is sad, no doubt.  This means that my baby is growing up.  Landon wanted to invite some of the neighborhood friends he's been hanging out with for a long time and the little girl I used to babysit, Kylie.  The kids had fun, we all did, but I was definitely exhausted by the time the party came to a close.  I don't see how parents host slumber parties with 15 or more kids under one roof.  I've had friends do it and pull it off.  Holy LOUD cow bells!  Landon is now at the age where money is everything.  He likes to put it away and save it for something he wants.  For his birthday that's all he wanted.  He had his eye on a bigger item he wanted to purchase, but the next day decided on something even bigger [insert heart attack].  I had him write out the infamous pro and con list just to be sure he was happy with his choice because there was no going back, and he did.  The item he wanted we shopped for until 12:30 in the morning (there was a big sale).  We went all over God's creation to try to find it, but had no luck.  All we got out of it was a fun road trip, which was a nice bonding moment for the two of us.  Finally, we found it and Landon was one happy boy.  I was so proud of him for watching his funds closely and making responsible choices with the money he had.  I found him bargain shopping at the store, trying to find the best deal to get more bang for his buck.  I about cried.  Heck, the whole weekend was sappy for me.  Nine, people!  Nine!  *sniff*

I had to post this one, even though it's not the greatest, only because my sister in the background photo bombed.  Hysterical.

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Dang flash!  The Angry Bird masks.

Our family and friends group photo.

With Aaron.
(two snaps for my Grandma's "attitude" stance - you go girl)

With me.

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