Nov 8, 2012

Happy Halloween

Some people thought this was Liam's first time out. That made me chuckle.  Actually, this was Liam's fourth attempt at trick-or-treating (or at least dressing up).  The first time he went with us (in costume) he was a couple of months old, but stayed in the heat at my sister's house.  The second, he still didn't know what to think of it all and wasn't toddling yet.  The third time out, he was in a wheel chair (the crash dummy costume), which almost didn't seem fair to him, but we managed.  I feel like he didn't get the full experience of trick-or-treating being confined to a chair.  THIS year was a different story.  He was on foot and there was no stopping him.  He never whined or complained of being tired or cold and he gladly helped himself to bowls of treats as he stopped at each door.  Landon had a good time himself, other than being cold.  He liked the idea of leading his brother from driveway to driveway, and even carried him a time or two.  To us, this was the real kind of trick-or-treating.  The wheel chair is a thing of the past as well as the baby days, where he had to be toted and/or rolled around.  Landon and Liam were both a big hit in the costume department.  I don't know how many teens and adults stopped to say how cute they were (mainly Liam).  Liam was cute, I'll admit it, and the costume was perfect for him.  Landon being the nerd that he is, his costume seem to fit him perfectly as well.  I loved the glasses, but I am hoping those don't become a permanent thing.  Blech. 

Landon was Waldo and Liam was a golfer.

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I hope everyone had a nice Halloween!

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