Nov 21, 2012

A Pre Thanks-Giving

Liam hasn't been the big eater in our home.  In fact, for the longest time, he wouldn't eat much at all or drink from a sippy cup, straw, or anything except a bottle.  Things have drastically changed over the last six months.  He loves drinking my Diet Green Tea from the 20 oz. bottle and on occasion will drink from his sippy cup and so on.  Now, he is eating four or five hot dogs in one sitting.  Crazy kid.  And, have I mentioned that Liam is up to five words?  I know that most parents probably wouldn't think that's a lot for a three-year-old, considering he should be speaking in full sentences by this time.  But, we are jumping for joy that he is coming along, no matter how slow.  So, for this Thanksgiving I am thankful for progress.  What is Liam thankful for?  Two words:  Eckridge and Fischer. 

The Indian get up was just a bonus.

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I do love these little hand turkeys.

I'll be posting more soon, but until then, Happy Thanksgiving!

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