Oct 12, 2012

Project 365 {2012}: Week Fourty-One in Review

Wow, with eleven more weeks to go in the year, I'm really not quite sure what to do with myself.  Maybe panic?  Holy cow!  Around Landon's birthday in October is when it seems to fly for me, or maybe after planning Liam's in August.  Not sure.  But, it sure as heck moves right along.  Probably because I have presents to buy, theme decisions to make (two birthdays two months from each other), then costumes, then Christmas.  Bring on the stress, baby!  Hopefully, with Landon asking for money for his birthday, he will be able to get the higher priced item he's been wanting to take away from some of that holiday stress.  I surely hope so!  We can use the break, no doubt.

October 6th

October 6th:  I had not one, but two photo session on this day.

October 7th

October 7th:  Same for this day.  Unfortunately, I can only pick one.  Have I mentioned that I love being busy, especially this time of year?

October 8th

October 8th:  First day of fall break for my kiddos and they did what any other kid might do - read.  Landon doesn't like to read a lot in his spare time, but he LOVES reading to his baby brother.  Makes my heart melt.

October 9th

October 9th:  I had another photo shoot with a wonderful family of five.  I absolutely love this picture.  So sweet and innocent.

October 10th

October 10th:  The boys and I had built a fort in Landon's room.  Nothing fancy, but something to keep the boys occupied (and mom sane).  Landon just happened to peek over the side of his HDWS.

October 11th

October 11th:  I woke up to find this on the ground.  *sigh*  A definite sign that colder weather is here to stay for a while.  I'm not a big fan of cold weather, but sometimes I do like what it brings - like snow!  I can't wait until we get our first snowfall!

October 12th

October 12th:  Nothing special, just playing with bokeh on various objects.  Fridays are usually my rush-around-the-house-to-get-everything-clean days (and sometimes lazy days, too). 

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